Platinum rings

All rings in this section are made from either Platinum 950 (95% Pt) or Platinum 600 (60%). 

By appearance, both alloys look similar... platinum has a cool dark reflection to it. Pure platinum is quite heavy, which means the Platinum 950 allow weighs more per gram than the Platinum 600. Platinum 950 costs approximately 50% more per gram than Platinum 600. 



All Earthfire goodies come in high quality reusable gift packaging...

So yes, if you’re buying a present for a loved one, it’s pretty much good to go once removed from the parcel. 


All parcels are sent off within 1 business day from when you drop your order... and it will arrive FAST via express registered post.

You’ll be notified with a tracking number so you can eagerly await your pretties arrival.


... if you spend over $500aud postage is free inside Australia. But due to to the pandemic, international parcels are now being sent with FedEx at a flat rate of $50aud so your pretties get to you FAST!

WHAT IF.....

... you don’t like it?

... doesn’t fit? 

For real, it’s nothing to stress about. Just send me a message and we can arrange an exchange.  EASY!