Black Gold collection

... an original Earthfire design exploration
Black Gold collection

Australian sapphire

100% natural & traceable to the source
Australian sapphire

Affordable originals

High end bang for buck
Affordable originals

Australian opal

... the ‘artists stone’
Australian opal


... owned & operated by me, Luke Eliasz... I’m a jewellery designer.

I make beautiful wearable objects made from 100% natural Australian gemstones and precious metals. 

All my gems are traceable to the source and have been mined or fossicked by very small scale ethical operations .

Battery Point showroom

Opening 7th July 2020

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Salamanca Market

Stall 255 - 256 

Every Saturday ... just not atm

Custom work available!

... I’m really easy to work with so if you have an idea, let’s hear it!

Aussie Zircon

Personally, I think this is one of the most underrated gems in the world. 

Check out some Zircon