All my aquamarine is guaranteed Australian, 100% natural and untreated, and professionally cut in Australia. 

This aquamarine has been fossicked predominantly at Mount Surprise (QLD). This region produces beautiful clear sky blue aquamarine of exceptional quality.

Aquamarine is part of the beryl family so is a very close relative of emerald and ranks 7.5 - 8 on the Moh gem hardness scale which is just under corundum (sapphire).


All Earthfire goodies come in high quality reusable gift packaging...

So yes, if you’re buying a present for a loved one, it’s pretty much good to go once removed from the parcel. 


All parcels are sent off within 1 business day from when you drop your order... and it will arrive FAST via express registered post.

You’ll be notified with a tracking number so you can eagerly await your pretties arrival.


... if you spend over $500aud postage is free inside Australia. But due to to the pandemic, international parcels are now being sent with FedEx at a flat rate of $50aud so your pretties get to you FAST!

WHAT IF.....

... you don’t like it?

... doesn’t fit? 

For real, it’s nothing to stress about. Just send me a message and we can arrange an exchange.  EASY!