Big blue swirly Melty pendant


This gloriously large 28.55ct boulder opal from Quilpie (QLD) has all the drippy melty vibes anyone could need… but on the off chance it wasn’t enough for you, I decided to encase this blue boulder dream in silver Melty goodness too 😋.

Measuring approximately 41 x 25 x 7mm, this pendant has been designed to fit 3mm neoprene perfectly, and I will make to length whatever you so desire… I have given 3 options in the drop down menu, but if you require a different length simply leave your wish in the purchase comments or sling me an email. I personally suggest, with neoprene, this be worn quite high just below the collar bone. Also, if you would prefer a chain, that’s totally fine too… you can just remove the neoprene and use a chain of your choice… in this case, you may prefer to wear this quite long and hang over your threads…. A world of options!



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